This group is currently headed by Mary Morich.  It works with Rochestarians Concerned about Unsafe Shale Extraction (R-Cause) and New Yorkers Against Fracking on activities related to the environmental health and economic impacts of gas extraction using slick-water high volume hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) in New York State.  Specific activities have included commenting to the Department of Environmental Conservation about proposed policies meant to protect the health and welfare of New Yorkers, co-sponsoring a forum on the potential health impact of hydrofracking, speaking at a public meeting of the Monroe County Legislature against any  possibility of taking hydrofracking wastewater for treatment in Monroe County, and co-sponsoring - as well as attending - a rally in Albany demanding that New York  pursue the development of renewable energy instead of hydrofracking.  For information about hydrofracking, go to the R-Cause website, http://www.r-cause.net/ or the New Yorkers Against Fracking website, www.nyagainstfracking.org.  To be put on TIAR’s e-mail list to be notified of activities dealing with environmental issues, send an e-mail request to njaschik@rochester.rr.com.

August, 2013