TIAR, March 21, 2019


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

March 21, 2019 Board Meeting


Attending: D.Bird, R.Codding, R.Davis, B.Elwell, R.Herman, M.Howden, N.Jaschik, M.Morich, W.Spilly, G.Strother, B.Swan, and G.Wethers,

Guest Speaker: Sr Phyllis Tierney    

 1.     Opening Reflection-  by R.Davis for G.Lawton who was ill.

 2.    February 21, 2019 Board Minutes-  Motion to approve by R.Herman; seconded by G.Wethers; Approved unanimously.

3.     Police Accountability-  R.Davis reported.  Now in the hands of City Council.

4.     Environmental- R.Codding reported.    The website of Interfaith Impact of NY State (IINYS) was recommended. It will be disseminated to the TIAR Board.  IINYS includes lobbying in Albany as a progressive organization for and against appropriate legislation including climate change issues.

5.     Greenlight legislation support- R.Davis reported. Still actively supporting.  She was in Albany for that purpose.

6.     Letter to the Islamic Center of Rochester-  Motion by R.Codding; seconded by W.Spilly for the TIAR send an appropriate letter of condolence and support to the Islamic Center of Rochester concerning the New Zealand attack on Muslims.

7.     Guest Speaker-  Sr. Phyllis Tierney spoke about her experience as a volunteer for two weeks at Annunciation House, El Paso, Texas working with asylum seekers and about the asylum process.  (Annunciation House web site:  https://annunciationhouse.org )

8.     Adjournment- The meeting was adjourned at 5:43.