The following is biographical information about our two newest TIAR Board members, Tabbasam Javid and Jay Mruthyunjaya. We welcome them to the Board and look forward to working together and getting to know each other:

Dr. Tabassam Javid

Tabassam is a retired psychologist with two Master's degrees and a PHD in psychology. He has been past president of the Pakistani American Society of Rochester, a past board member of the Islamic Center of Rochester, and current board member of the Commission on Catholic Muslim relations. He is a frequent guest on Fickle 93.3 FM, where he talks extensively about interfaith issues pertaining to our community and specifically offer the Muslim perspective on such issues. He also goes regularly to Global Studies classes in Pittsford school to inform students about the Islamic faith with special emphasis on Islamophobia in the American society. As an individual, he strongly believes in co-existence and has a very deep respect for all people of different faiths and ideology. His personal goal is to continue to educate everyone he comes across about his faith and hopes that more education about Islam will break the prejudicial barriers for people and more people will be able to have respect for the real teaching of Islam, and not the distorted view presented by the mainstream media. May we all ssucceed in our joint efforts to live in Peace and Harmony. AMEN (Ameen)

Dr. Jay Mruthyunjaya (Jay) Mruthyunjaya

Jay was born in Bangalore, India. He received his dental degree in 1963. He was Assistant Professor at Dental College in Bangalore and at JJM Medical College in Davavgere, India. Jay received post graduate Certification in Prosthodontics at King’s College Hospital Dental School in London UK.

After immigrating to the USA, Jay graduated from Univ of Minnesota with MPA in Dental Public Health. He joined the NYS Health Dept from 1976 - 1978 as Regional Dental Director and resigned to start the first Dental Group Practice as a Public Health Dentist.

Jay is a very active member of the Rochester Indian community having had leadership roles in organizations. He is a long term resident of Brighton and has a son who is an eye surgeon and a professor at Stanford University. Jay has served as a member of the Brighton Park and Recreation Board and on the Brighton Board of Appeals for a short time.

From 2015 to present, Jay has been, and continues to be, a Voluntary Dentist at St. Joseph Neighborhood Medical Center, providing dental services to the poor on Thursdays. 

From 2012 to present, Jay has been, and continues to be, the International Dental Director of the Foundation Solidaria Del Divino Nini Jesus, Inc. in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Jay started, funded and is directing a Dental Program for the Orphan children in Santiago, DR. There are now 43 local Santiago Dentists volunteering to work two days a week providing comprehensive dental services at the Orphanage with portable equipment.

From 1991 to present, Jay has been, and continues to be, Corporate Secretary of the Indo American Eye Care Society, Inc. Rochester, NY, Parent body of LV Prasad Institute, India