TIAR March 19, 2015

Board Meeting Minutes

March 19 , 2015


Attending: R.Herman, M.Morich, E.Lemon, A.Cason, D.Bird, B.Swan, W.Spilly,

H.Parreño, G.Mott, M.Howden, G.Garman, B.Elwell, G.Payne,

G.Strother,M.Wienk and G.L’Esperance ; Guests- Jon Greenbaum and Tracy Farmer

1. Opening Reflection- By M.Morich.

2. Minutes- Motion by M.Howden; seconded by M.Hickey to approve the February 19, 2015 Board Meeting minutes. Approved unanimously.

3. Rochester People’s Climate Coalition- M.by M.Morich; seconded by M.Wienk to join this coalition. Approved unanimously.

4. Executive Committee Action- Motion by H.Parreño; seconded by A.Cason to endorse and approve the Executive Committee’s decision to contribute $100 to the Global Citizenship Conference held on 3/10/15.

5. League of Women Voters Educational Program about a NYS Constitutional Convention- Motion by R.Herman; seconded by G.Mott to cosponsor this event which is educational and which does not take a position. Approved unanimously.

6. Treasurers Report- D.Bird, Treasurer, distributed the 2015 budget.

7. Racial Dialog- Jon Greenbaum and Tracy Farmer led part 3 of a 3 part program. At the end they recommended that we view each of our programs through a “Racial Justice Lens.” This should be a criteria we should apply in determining the programs we undertake.

8. NYSPrevention-Justice- (No solitary confinement)- Question of TIAR participating on 4/22/15 in front of the jail or J.Morelle’s office referred to Executive Committee.

9. Fight For $15- Program initiated by MetroJustice. There will be a demonstration on 4/22/15 at 5 PM beginning at the Eastman Quad at the University of Rochester followed by a walk/march to a McDonalds on Mt.Hope Ave. near Elmwood Ave. Moderately should be forthcoming.

10. Mailing Address- Reminders: The TIAR mailing address is PO Box 25245, Rochester, NY 14625. The new (current) TIAR web site is www.tiar.org .

The next Executive Committee meeting will be Tuesday April 7, 2015 at 830 AM at the Golden Fox Restaurant, located on Culver Road across the street from Covenant United Methodist Church. The next Board meeting will be April 16, 2015 at 4 PM at Covenant United Methodist Church, (Culver at Parsells).

( the end of these minutes)