TIAR April 21, 2016

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

April 21, 2016
Held at Covenant United Methodist Church
Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: D.Bird, B.Elwell, G.L’Esperance, C.Garman, R.Herman, M.Howden,  E.Johnson, M.Morich, J.Noronha, , H.Parreño, P.Peters, W.Spilly, B.Swan, and G.Wethers., Guests-  Dr. Melody Cofield and Beverly Randall

1. Opening Reflection-    By G.Wethers.   

2. Minutes:  Motion by W.Spilly; seconded by H.Parreño to approve the minutes of the 2/18/16 Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  Motion by W.Spilly; seconded by M.Howden to approve the minutes of the 3/17/16 Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.

3. Speaker- Dr. Melody Cofield, President, Community Microenterprise Center- “Legacy of ’64”  Effects of the 1964 Rochester Riots and a presentation about the Rippley Hall of Fame.

4. Treasurer’s Report- D.Bird reported.  $3,339.86 current treasury balance.

5. REACH- P.Peters reported- The REACH house has closed.  

6. Membership- M.Morich reported. Current roster of members: 122; 94 paid. The names of the members, without addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers (to protect privacy) have been distributed to the board members.

7. Nominating Committee- M.Howden reported.  At present the nominating committee has one individual to propose.

8. Annual Meeting Committee- G.Wethers reported.  There will be a panel of 3 speakers, Ruth Marchetti, Rev Chava Redonnet  Loret Steinberg followed by questions.  A dinner @ $25 per person At Monroe’s (Restaurant) to which board members and TIAR members will be invited.  

9. Retreat- B.Ellwell proposed the concept of a board retreat for long range planning possibly to be held on a morning or at an extended board meeting in September 1016.  She will appoint a committee to explore the possibilities with a goal to report at the May 3, 2016 Executive Committee meeting.

10. Climate Change- M.Morich reported.  She pointed out the 4 pieces of legislation presently pending in the state legislature.  She distributed form letters so we can support those bills by writing to our respective State Senators and Assembly people.

11. RCRGL- (Gun Control)  The next event will be 5/19/16 at 3rd Presbyterian Church (Meigs & East Ave.).