TIAR April 20, 2017


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+


April 20, 2017

Held at Covenant United Methodist Church

Board Meeting



Attending: R.Herman, D.Bird, N.Jaschik, B.Elwell, P.Peters, H.Parreño, M.Howden, C.Garman, M.Morich, G.Strother, E.Lemon,Jr. and B.Swan.  Guests: Deborah Peifer and Farzana Islam


1.     Opening Reflection-    By D.Bird.  


2.     Minutes:  Motion by H.Parreño; seconded by M.Howden to approve the minutes of the February 16, 2017board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  The March meeting was cancelleddue to a snow storm.


3.     Treasurer reported-  D.Birdreported that the current treasury balance was $2,992.27.


4.     Nominating Committee Report-  M.Howden reported.  The following have been nominated as new board members: Rich Codding, Mubarak Bashir, Mary Sutton, Roberta Davis and Farzana Islam.  George Payne and Marie Hickey will be leaving the board. Nominees for Officers:   President- G.Wethers,  Vice-President- B.Elwell, Treasurer- D.Bird, Secretary- R.Herman. Other board members will continue or renew for an additional 3 year term.


5.     Membership -  M.Morich reported. There are currently 64 paid members; 7 honorary members for a total of 71 members out of a roster of 118 members.  A second mailing for due will go out in May.


6.     Annual Meeting Committee report-  H.Parreño reported.  The panelists will be Ted O’Brien (AG’s office, Getachew Beshir (GG).Refugee Resettlement Program Manager,Refugee, Immigration, & Language Services Department, Catholic Family Center and Carly Fox.  G,Fifield will deliver the Reflection.


7.     Rochester Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence (RCRGV)- N.Jaschik reportedThe coalition continues to expand with a focus on education and advocacy.  Motion by N.Jaschik; seconded by P.Peters to accept the statement of purpose of the coalition and to confirm membership in the Coalition.  Approved unanimously.


8.     Endorsement of action taken by the Executive Committee-  A $36 contribution to the Jewish Community Federation for the fund to repair and reset the damage done to the local Jewish cemetery. Motion by M.Morich; seconded by H.Parreño.  Approved unanimously.


9.     Speaker-  Chiara Smith- Program Manager ABC Save Our Youth Program.  She was accompanied by Mary Sutton and C.Nesmith of her staff.  The program addresses street violence, especially gun violence in theN.E. area of the city.There will be a vigil on June2, 2107 (wear orange).  June is gun violence awareness month.


10.  June Board Meeting Board-  By consensus it was agreed that we have a board meeting on June 15, 2017.  The Annual meeting has been moved from June to May.