TIAR June 15, 2017


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+


June 15, 2017

Held at Covenant United Methodist Church

Board Meeting

Attending: D. Bird, A. Cason, R. Codding, R. Davis, B. Elwell, C. Garman, R. Herman, E. Johnson, M. Morich, J. Noronha, H. Parreño, P. Peters, M. Sutton, B. Swan, and G. Wethers,  ; Guest-  Jon Greenbaum (ROC ACTS)

1.     Opening Reflection-    By B. Elwell. 

2.     Introduction of Board members- G. Wethers

3.     Minutes:  Motion by A. Cason; seconded by H. Parreño to approve the minutes of the 4/20/17 Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  Motion by B. Elwell; seconded by P. Peters to approve the minutes of the 5/21/17 Annual Meeting.  Approved unanimously.

4.     Treasurer’s Report- D. Bird reported.  $2,322.48 is current treasury balance.

5.     RCRGV- P. Peters reported

6.     Membership- M. Morich reported. 120 on roster; 70 paid, 7 honorary.  A second mailing has just gone out.

7.     Endorsement of actions taken by Executive Committee- Motion by A. Cason; seconded by E. Johnson to endorse renewal of TIAR’s membership in ROC ACTS for an additional 1 year at cost of $300.  Approved unanimously.;  Motion by P.Peters; seconded by J. Noronha to continue our participation with the League of Women Voters in the Fair Election Practices Committee (FEPC).  Approved unanimously.

8.     GRCC recognition of Martha Howden-  H. Parreño reported

9.     Gun Violence- At the request of E. Johnson, M. Sutton spoke about her work and experiences in connection with gun violence.

10.   Eastern Service Workers request for funds- By consensus we agreed that since we are not a funding organization we would leave it to individuals to   choose whether or not to contribute.

11.   Speaker- Jon Greenbaum of ROC ACTS re “Sacred Conversations” about race and ethnicity which will resume next fall.

12.   September Board Reflection- A. Cason volunteered to present the reflection at the September Board meeting.