TIAR, December 20, 2018

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

Board Meeting Minutes
December 20, 2018

Attending: D.Bird, R.Codding, R.Davis, C.Garman, R.Herman, N.Jaschik, E.Johnson, G.Lawton, M.Morich, P.Peters, and G.Wethers.  

1. Opening Reflection- by M.Morich.   

2. Carbon Tax Proposed letter to be sent to a list of legislators- The letter drafted by M.Morich and a series of additions proposed by R.Davis were discussed .  It was agreed to send the list of additions drafted by R.Davis to M.Morich to incorporate in the letter drafted by M.Morich and the resultant second draft was reviewed by the Executive Committee at its 12/4/18 meeting.  At that 12/4/18 meeting we became aware that the legislation might be acted upon before the 12/20/18 board meeting.  The Executive Committee  decided to send the letter as received by them including the recommended changes.  Motion by P.Peters; seconded by R.Codding to approve the action of the Executive Committee.  Approved unanimously.

3. General conversation over refreshments about:  

A. Annual meeting issue.
B.REACH Program  Winter shelter and move to shift from term ”homeless” to “shelter deprived” and to become a board driven 501c3 organization.