TIAR April 19, 2018


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

April 19, 2018 Board Meeting

Attending: D.Bird, B.Elwell, R.Codding, C.Garman, R.Herman, N.Jaschik, E.Lemon,Jr., H.Parreño, P.Peters, G.Strother, M.Sutton, B.Swan, and G.Wethers.   Guests:  Alice Carli and Cy Varland.

1.     Opening Reflection-    By R.Herman.  

2.     Minutes:  Motion by B.Elwell; seconded by R.Codding to approve the minutes of the March15, 2018  Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  

 3.    Membership- As of 4/10/18 61 members  (55 paid and 6 honorary.)

 4.    Annual Meeting Committee- H.Parreño reported.   The dinner following the annual meeting will be at the Raj Mahal on Jefferson Rd., Henrietta.  $20.per person with the presenter and panelists as guests. Please advise B.Elwell if you plan to attend ( elwellbecky@gmail.com ). E.Lemmon, Jr. will replace B.Green on the responding panel.

5.      Nominating Committee- H.Parreño reported.  There will be one new board member:  Pastor Burnice Green.

6.     REACH-  P.Peters reported.  Motion by H.Parren1o contribute $300 to REACH; seconded by B.Elwell. Approved unanimously.

7.     June 21, 2018 Board Meeting-  Environment (R.Codding) and Police Community Summit will be addressed.

8.     September 2018 Board meeting. P.Peters will provide an update on REACH.

9.     Campaign for NY Health (single payer)- Alice Carli presented on this issue follows by a question period.  More information can be obtained at NYH.org.