Letter From Our President

February 3, 2017

Dear TIAR members, The following statement is being sent to:

President Trump
Vice President Pence
Sen. Schumer
Sen, Gillibrand
Rep. Slaughter
Rep. Reed

If you believe that there are others that need to receive this statement please let me know and it will be sent to them.


The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester (TIAR) stands in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers who have been targeted by President Trump’s recent executive order preventing, without cause, individuals of selected Muslim countries from entering the United States. For decades the United States has been a haven for people fleeing persecution. President Trump’s executive order slams the door on people who are most in need-men, women, and children to escape violence, war, and death as well as other Muslim Immigrants who have been vetted by the united States government.

This is not about national security as President Trump claims. The refugees who spend two years in refugee camps are stringently vetted. To be clear, this is a bigoted political move against a group of people based on their religion. It does nothing to make America safer and only serves the interests of the terrorists. It is an immoral, unjust and shameful executive order, creating unnecessary chaos and trauma to those already so traumatized.

In Faith,

Becky Elwell,
President, The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester