TIAR March 20, 2014


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

March 20, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes


Attending: G.Strother, D.White, R.Herman, M.Wienk, M.Morich, W.Spilly,

E.Lemon, G.L'Esperance, G.Wethers, N.Jaschik, D.Rice, M.Howden, D.Barnes,

A.Cason, and Peggy Meeker ; Member Guests- Rev. Peter Peters, Marc

Jacobs; Guest- Michael Kliman


1. Opening Reflection- By P.Meeker.

2. Minutes- Motion by A. Cason; seconded by D.Barnes to approve the

February 20,2014 Board minutes. Approved unanimously.

3. Public Campaign Financing in NY- Motion by W.Spilly; seconded by

D.Rice authorizing the President to send letters members of the Assembly, State

Senate and County legislators with copy to the Governor supporting this issue.

Approved unanimously.

4. Ad for Metro-Justice Dinner Booklet- Motion by N.Jaschik; seconded by

G.Wethers to purchase a 1/4th page ad for $60. 14 in favor; 1 opposed.  Approved

5. Faith in Action Dinner TIAR Honoree- Motion by M.Wienk; seconded by

R. Herman to designate M.Morich as our honoree. Approved unanimously.

6. Membership Committee Report- by P.Meeker. Included follow up to

appropriate letters to the editor authors.

7. Moral Monday Rochester Report- by M.Morich. G.L'Esperance delivered

the prayer.

8. Children's Agenda Lobby Effort to Albany- M.Morich reported. Six

participated including M.Morich and Elaine Johnson.

9. Casino Update- Motion by R.Herman; seconded by G.Wethers to oppose

any additional casino gambling sites in the Genesee and Finger Lakes regions

and authorized statements and letters to this effect. Approved Unanimously.

10. Global Citizenship Conference Report- G.L'Esperance reported

11. Health Committee Report- D.Rice reported. D.Rice was authorized to write

a letter for Board members to sign in support of the single payer in N.Y. State