TIAR April 24, 2014


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

April 24, 2014

Board Meeting Minutes


Attending: G.Strother, D.White, R.Herman, M.Wienk, M.Morich, E.Lemon,

G.L'Esperance, D.Rice, M.Howden, A.Cason, D.Bird, B.Elwell, C.Garman,

H.Ibrahim, B.Swan, G.Mott, J.Noronha and Peggy Meeker; Guests: Clenetia Anderson, Bruce Pollock


1. Opening Reflection- By D.Rice.

2. Minutes- Motion by C.Garman; seconded by A.Cason to approve the March

20,2014 Board minutes. Approved unanimously.

3. Purge Names of nonpaying TIAR members from roster— Motion by

P.Meeker; seconded by D.Bird that the Membership Committee shall review the

membership list each summer with the discretion to remove the names of people

who haven’t renewed their membership, taking into account a 2-3-year

membership history, and to maintain a record of the names and addresses of

those no longer active for future mailings. Approved unanimously.

4. Ad for GRCC/Faith in Action dinner booklet- Motion by D.Bird; seconded

by C.Garman to purchase a 1/4th page ad for $100 and endorse this decision of

the Executive Committee. Approved unanimously.

5. Hydrofracking Update and motion- M.Morich provided an update. Motion

byM.Wienk; seconded byP.Meeker to authorize the text of a letter drafted by

M.Morich to be submitted in the name of TIAR to the New York State Energy

Planning Board regarding the Draft New York State Energy Plan. The comments

were submitted on the NYS Energy Planning Board web site.

6. “Friends of Educational Excellence” presentation- by guests Bruce

Pollock, Executive Director and Clenetia Anderson in relation to this program

which seeks and coordinates volunteers to work with students in Rochester City

School DistrictSchools. This opportunity for service will be disseminated to the

TIAR Board and membership lists.

7. Archive Update- by D.White. Currently the University of Rochester will be

holding our hard copy archive documents. Anyone who has copies of the

following documents can bring them to David at the May Board Meeting:

Previous Executive Committee agendas and minutes, newspaper clippings, and

documents related to committee work.

8. Nominating Committee Update- by M.Howden. Recommended for

nomination by the Committee: B.Elwell -President; E.Johnson,Vice-President;

D.Bird-Treasurer; R.Herman-Secretary; Peter Peters, George Payne and Patricia

Goodman, Board Membership.

9. Annual Meeting Update- by B.Elwell. Following the program at Nazareth dinner will be at St.John’s Meadows; 500PM pre-dinner (BYOB); 530PM dinner@$21. per person (new board members (and guests/partners ???) will be paid for by TIAR). B.Elwell will need all reservations by June 6,2014. Checks should be written to TIAR and should be sent to B.Elwell or brought to the May Board Meeting.