TIAR November 21, 2013


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy

+Held at Covenant United Methodist Church 

Board Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2013

Attending: R.Herman, M.Wienk, M.Morich, G.Mott, C.Garman, J.Noronha, B.Elwell, N.Jaschik, D.Rice, M.Howden, E.Johnson, H.Parreño, G.Strother and H.Ibrahim ; Guests - Hon. James Mulley, Brigit Hurley and Joy Perkett

1. Opening Reflection- By M.Wienk.

2. Minutes- Motion by H.Parreño; seconded by B.Elwell to approve the October 17,2013  Board minutes. Approved unanimously.

3. Global Citizenship Conference- Motion by N.Jaschik; seconded by M.Howden to cosponsor this conference including a $100 contribution. Approved unanimously.

4. "Raise the Age"- Guest, Hon. James Mulley, Penfield Town Justice, made a detailed presentation on the issues related to raising the age for offenders from the current age of 16 to 18 or higher to separate some younger individuals from the current adult criminal justice system. He also distributed some handouts and commented on three currently pending pieces of legislation. Guest, Brigit Hurley from the Children's Agenda who support this concept was also introduced.

5. Health Care- J. Noronha and D.Rice reported.

6. Immigration- H.Parreño reported.

7. Fair Elections Practices Committee- R.Herman reported.

8. Introduction of Joy Perkett- Joy Perkett represents the Labor-Religion Coalition and The Capitol District Interfaith Alliance.