TIAR October 17, 2013


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+


Board Meeting Minutes

Held at Covenant United Methodist Church

October 17, 2013


Attending: G.L’Esperance, R.Herman, M.Wienk, M.Morich, W.Spilly, C.Garman,

D.Rice, G.Mott, D.Barnes, B.Klement, G.Strother, B.Elwell, M.Howden, N.Jaschik,

E.Johnson, H.Parreño and Peggy Meeker


1. Opening Reflection- G. Mott.


2. Minutes- Motion by H.Parreño seconded by D.Rice to approve the September 19, 2013

Board minutes. Approved unanimously.


3. The Financial Report for the period 1/1/13 through 9/30/13 was presented by B.Elwell,

Treasurer. A discussion followed. The report was received.


4. Human Rights Day- Motion by G. Mott; seconded by M.Howden to co-sponsor

Human Rights Day and contribute $50 in support. Approved unanimously.


5. Opposition to the proposed casino gambling amendment -Motion by W.Spilly;

seconded by N.Jaschik to endorse the decision of the Executive Committee to oppose this

amendment which action authorized the president to take further actions in her discretion

to support our opposition as well as for us to co-sponsor a forum with the League of

Women Voters and the Institute for American Values on the issue of casino gambling.

Approved unanimously.


6. Signing on to the petition of the Interfaith Alliance to seek a federal investigation of

the NYPD’s practices on surveillance of the Muslim Community- Motion by G.Mott;

seconded by C.Garman endorsing the decision of the Executive Committee to sign on this

petition. Approved unanimously.


7. Children’s Agenda- Motion by P.Meeker; seconded by M.Wienk for TIAR (among

others) to send a letter to the County Executive to include an additional $1,000,000 in

the 2014 County budget to allow @ 150 additional children in income eligible working

families to obtain quality child care.


8. Social Security- Colin O’Malley, Organizing Director of Metro Justice presented

information and action recommendation to protect and expand Social Security. Among

other items he recommended pressing particularly Sen. Schumer and also Sen. Gillibrand

to expand the income levels which require payments into the SS system, lower not raise

the ages of eligibility and improve the CPI formulas to better represent the real cost of


9. Health Care- D.Rice reported on the recent Forum on the Affordable Care Act at St.

Mary’s Church. He further recommended the NY Time web site as a good source for

information and expressed hope that this ultimately could lead to Medicare for all and a

single payer system.


10. Presidential Succession Report- R.Herman reported that the committee had developed

outlines for the tasks performed by the president and the secretary to facilitate increased

delegation of some tasks and the need for more board members to assume active roles

in day to day TIAR activities. In addition, B.Elwell has agreed to accept nomination as

TIAR President for 2014-2015. This requires seeking a nominee for Treasurer for 2014-


11. Annual Meeting- M.Morich announced that B.Elwell and M.Wienk have agreed to

chair the annual meeting committee for the June 2014 Annual Meeting. Send suggestions

for a speaker to them.


12. Fair Election Practices Committee (FEPC)- R.Herman reported that no information

has been received to indicate any complaints or hearing to this point in time.