TIAR September 18, 2014

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+
Board Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2014

Attending: D.Bird, A.Cason, G.Garman R.Herman,  M.Howden, H.Ibrahim, N.Jaschik, E.Johnson, E.Lemon, M.Morich, G.Mott, H.Parreño, P.Peters, W.Spilly, B.Swan, G.Wethers, D.Whiteand W.Wilkinson ; Guest-  Bruce Pollock
Elaine Johnson, Vice- President presiding in the absence of Becky Elwell, President

1. Opening Reflection-  By M.Howden ( from Joanna Macy).   

2. Minutes- Motion by M.Howden; seconded by M.Morich to approve the June 8, 2014 Annual Meeting minutes.  Approved unanimously.   

3.  Quorum Determination- M.by G.Wethers; seconded by B.Swan to adopt and confirm 10 to constitute a quorum for TIAR Board meetings so long as the total number of Board members is 31.  (Rounding down from 10.3)  Approved unanimously.

4. Executive Committee Action-  Consideration of endorsing actions taken by the Executive Committee since the May 2014 Board meeting was postponed until the October Board meeting.

5. Treasurers Report- D.Bird, Treasurer, made an oral report.

6. TIAR Web Site- N.Jaschik advised that the TIAR web site has been changed to www.tiar.org <
http://www.tiar.org>  from www.tia-roch.org <http://www.tia-roch.org> .  Clicking on the former web site will not lead you to the new web site.  Note that our brochures no longer list the correct web site.

7. Police Reform Coalition- G.Mott reported that the next coalition meeting, led by Rev. Lewis Stewart, will be 9/26/14.  The focus is on the RPD, but will include the greater Rochester metropolitan area.  G.Mott and W.Wilkinson are participating in this effort.

8. Children’s Interfaith Weekend- by E.Johnson, our representative on the Children’s Collaborative of the Children’s Agenda reported.  Focus will be on more state funding with less optimism on receiving increased funding from the county.

9. Redistricting Amendment - N.Jashik reported.  TIAR is co-sponsoring with the LWV a presentation of both sides of this issue which is on the ballot in November.  Highly respective progressive organizations have differing views on this issue.  The vent will be at the Unitarian Church on Winton Rd. on 10/24/14 at 7 PM.

10. Gas Storage under Seneca Lake- 
M.Morich reported.  This is a complex problem resulting from differing positions of the NYS DEC from the federal energy commission.  The state wants to, at this point, to restrict storage and the federal agency wants to permit it.  The company in question is Crestwood Midstream.  More information is anticipated. Motion by N.Jaschik; seconded by G.Wethers to authorize letters from TIAR in opposition to such storage. Approved unanimously.  M.Morich also passed out and asked Board Members to sign individual letters to Gov Cuomo, Sen. Schemer and Sen. Gillibrand asking them to oppose storage.

11. Current issue of military intervention with ISIS/ISIL- No presentation in absence of M.Wienk.

12. Refocus Efforts to Relieve Systemic Poverty-  R.Herman reported.  Still gathering information and approaches.  After further discussion,  G.Wethers, W.Wilkinson  and P.Peters agreed to join R.Herman and E.Lemon in addressing this issue.  N.Jaschik will contact Jay Keller at TIA to see what. if anything TIA might be doing on this issue.