TIAR June 8, 2014

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

Minutes of the Annual Celebration and meeting
June 8, 2014
Held at the Nazareth College Shults Center

Annual Meeting

1. Attending: Members and board members attending constituted a quorum.

2. Welcome- by Mary Pizzente-Morich, President. 

3. Reflection- by Edward Lemon,Jr.

4. Speaker- Dr. Elaine M. Spaull, Executive Director of The Center For Youth;
her topic “ If Our Streets Could Talk: Messages of Trauma and Hope.”

5. Annual Report - by Mary Morich, President was distributed. (to be sent
as a separate e-mail and will be posted on the TIAR web site, www.tiaroch.
org )

6. Treasurer’s Report- by B.Elwell, Treasurer; distributed.

7. Nominating Committee Report and Election of Officers and
Board Members-Heide Parreño, chair, distributed in writing, on behalf
of the nominating committee, the slate of Board Members and
Officers . She then read, on behalf of the nominating committee,
the slate of Board Members and officers. She moved; Gail Mott
seconded the acceptance of the nominating committee’s report and
the election of the board members and officers as reported. There
were no nominations from the floor. The motion was approved
unanimously. (See Nominating Committee report )

The next Board meeting will be held at a date and place to be announced by separate e-mail notice. The next Executive Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday July 1, 2014 at the Golden Fox Restaurant at Culver Rd. and Parsells Avenue across the street from Covenant United Methodist Church.