TIAR November 20, 2014

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

November 20, 2014 Board Meeting  Minutes

Attending: D.Bird, B.Elwell, G.L’Esperance, P.Goodman, R.Herman, M.Hickey, M.Howden, H.Ibrahim, N.Jaschik, E.Johnson, E.Lemon, M.Morich, G.Mott, J.Noronha, H.Parreño,  P.Peters, G.Strother, B.Swan, and M.Wienk; Guests- Joyce Herman and Sue Staropoli.  

1. Opening Reflection-    By J.Noronha.   

2. Minutes- Motion by G.Mott; seconded by P.Peters to approve the October 16, 2014 Board Meeting minutes.  Approved unanimously.   

3.  Pachamama Alliance- Joyce Herman and Sue Staropoli made a presentation on behalf of the Pachamama Alliance (PA) (www.pachamama.org <
http://www.pachamama.org> ).  This is an international organization with local teams including the Rochester team.  It is dedicated to motivating people to bring forth a human presence on the earth that is environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling.  They presented a short video :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoXJZ_3-J9w  followed by a presentation and question session.  An interactive multi-media session that is the gateway to the Pachamama work will be held on December 7 from noon (registration at 11:30) to 5:30 p.m. sponsored by the Sufi Order of Rochester at the Carriage House behind 494 East Avenue. To sign up for this symposium, call 248-0427.  A second session will take place on January 11 from 1-5 PM at Temple Sinai (to register, call Joyce Herman at 385-1155). All programs are free.
The local PA welcomes TIAR to join in co-sponsoring future programs, as well as to encourage TIAR members to host programs at their own congregations or other organizations.

4. Membership-  M.Morich, chair reported.  TIAR currently lists 153 members.  Forms to rejoin have been mailed.

5. Treasurers Report- D.Bird, Treasurer, reported a current treasury balance of $3,614.43.

6. Economic Justice- J.Noronha reported.  A public hearing on the health care single payer proposed N.Y. legislation, Gottfried/Perkins bills (A-5389; S-2078) will be held in Rochester on December 8,2014.  The details will be sent to all board members by email.  Activities with Metro Justice continue to work toward a $15 per hour minimum wage.  An event is planned for December 4, 2014. Details to follow by email.

7. Coalition for Police Reform- G.Mott reported that a focus on a civilian review board and body cameras is continuing.    

8. Peace and Nonviolence Coalition — H.Parreño, chair, reported.  There is a program to collect blankets for refugees entering Turkey.

9. Redistricting Amendment - N.Jashik reported.  TIAR is co-sponsoring with the LWV a presentation of both sides of this issue which is on the ballot in November.  Highly respected progressive organizations have differing views on this issue.  The event will be at the Unitarian Church on Winton Rd. on 10/24/14 at 7 PM.

10. Some Actions Taken by the President- B.Elwell reported. Signed the CHIP petition; honorarium check sent to Rev. Lewis Stuart; attended the Redistricting Amendment meeting and the Fight for $15 (minimum wage) meeting at the Universalist Church.