TIAR December 18, 2014

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

December 18, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes


Attending: D.Bird, A.Cason, B.Elwell, G.L’Esperance, G.Garman, P.Goodman, R.Herman, M.Hickey, M.Howden, E.Johnson, M.Morich, J.Noronha, H.Parreño, G.Payne, P.Peters, B.Swan, G.Wethers, D.White, M.Wienk and W.Wilkinson  

1. Opening Reflection-  By E.Johnson.   

2. Minutes- Motion by H.Parreño; seconded by E.Johnson to approve the November 20, 2014 Board Meeting minutes.  Approved unanimously.
3. Treasurer’s Report-
By D. Bird;current balance -  $3.826.58.

4. Gandhi Earth Keepers International-  Presentation by George Payne -Executive Director of this  organization for the protection of animals. (Environmental Justice through active nonviolence)

5. Pachamama Alliance- Motion by R.Herman; seconded by G.Wethers for TIAR to co-sponsor an “Awakening the Dreamer,Changing the Dream Symposium” with other interfaith groups ( e.g.Interfaith Forum of Rochester, Center for Spirituality at Nazareth College, Hickey Center for Interfaith Study and Dialogue ).  Co-sponsorship would include helping to provide a venue and hospitality, promoting the event through media (traditional and social) to TIAR members and to the general public and encouraging TIAR members to promote the symposium in their own congregations and denominational entities. Approved 19 in favor; none opposed; one abstention.

6. Endorsement of the Executive Committee decision to co-sponsor the New Yorkers Against Fracking Event in Albany, NY on 1/7/15- Motion to endorse by M.Morich; seconded by M.Hickey.  Approved unanimously.  Although Fracking has been banned in New York State a number of related issues remain.  M.Morich will distribute more detailed information by e-mail.

7. Issues Raised by the Ferguson, MO events as further set forth by Unite Rochester-  Motion by M.Wienk; seconded by M Hickey for the TIAR board to have an @ 30 to 45 minute facilitated conversation about these issues at our January 15, 2015 Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.

8. Living Wage- B.Elwell reported. A letter in support will be  sent to the Governor,  and the leaders of the Senate and Assembly. (Fight for $15, right to unionize and rights to benefits)

9. Police Reform Coalition- W.Wilkinson reported.

10. Boulder Advocacy 1/2015- No Keystone XL.

11. NYS Labor-Religion Coalition- B.Elwell reported.

12. Annual Meeting- G.L’Esperance reported.  Speaker will be James Lawrence.  Topic still open. Date will be  Sunday, June 14, 2015, at 3 PM at the Shults Center.