TIAR October 17, 2015

Board Meeting, October 17, 2015
Held at Covenant United Methodist Church
Attending: D. Bird, B. Elwell, P. Goodman, M. Howden, N. Jaschik, E. Johnson, G. L’Esperance,
M. Morich, H. Parreño, P. Peters, G. Strothers, G. Wethers (not a quorum)
Guests: Rev. Katya, Rev. Delores V. Wynn

1.Opening Reflection - G. Wethers shared a passage from Pope Francis’ Joy of the Gospel.

2. Minutes – Approval postponed to November because some did not receive them.

3 Membership Report - M. Morich has made calls. After membership mailing goes out, those who have not responded in the last two years will be dropped from the list

4. Treasurer’s Report- D. Bird, Treasurer, made an oral report. The treasury balance as of October 15, 2015 is $4285.30.

5. Speaker - B. Elwell reported that Verdis Robinson of Monroe Community College was sick and unable to come. The topic was to have been “Race, Culture, Economic Class Implications on Living in Rochester.” Board members then shared their experiences and opinions.
- The largest increase in income has gone to the 1%.
- How do people on Social Security alone survive?
- High poverty statistics for single mothers

6. Annual Meeting – Planning Committee includes P. Goodman, G. L’Esperance, G. Wethers; ex officio B. Elwell; others welcome! Please contact committee members to offer suggestions for topic and speaker.

7. Homeless – (B. Elwell, E. Johnson, H. Parreño, P. Peters) Peter noted that three weeks ago, 100
people attended a meeting regarding shelter for people who are homeless, especially those who have been sanctioned. A possible interim space is being looked at since the House of Mercy project will not be ready until spring 2016. Need to make a pitch to both city and county for more money ($50 K each). The cost last year was about $150 K.

8. Moral Budget – Efforts regarding the Monroe County budget:

  • Child Care / Early Education: the county budget has been reduced for child care, counting on the state to increase funding
  • Homelessness: the county has not dealt with this issue well at all. A group called REACH formed when Sanctuary Village was moved from under the bridge. Need for advocacy with legislators. However, P. Peters stated that messages by phone or letter are screened by the office of the county Republican Party members, so they do not always see them. If true, the party should be challenged. Who are our allies in addressing systems? E.g., among others:
    • Rochester ACTS
    • Children’s Agenda
    • Metro Justice,
    • Anti-Poverty Task Force,()

9. Constitutional Convention - N. Jaschik mentioned a forum on Monday, Oct. 19, 700 pm, at Asbury Church sponsored by the League of Women Voters. Focus: information on what will happen if voters approve having a state convention in 2017 (such an opportunity comes only every 20 years). For more details, use this link: http://www.lwv-rma.org/

10. Gun Control - N. Jaschik proposed forming a committee to organize a program about gun control:

  • What would this entail?
  • How to be respectful of the Second Amendment?
  • What would it accomplish?

Motion by N. Jaschik; seconded by E. Johnson; approved unanimously. Members who are interested, please contact Neil.

11. Recommendations by Executive Committee (to be approved in November when there is a quorum):

  • Honorarium to the Children’s Agenda for Brigid Hurley’s presentation in September: Amount: $50.00.
  • Donation to the Capital Campaign for building repairs by Covenant United Methodist Church, which has hosted our meetings since the beginning without charging rent. Amount: $200.00.
  • Co-Sponsorship of Human Rights Day celebration December 10: Amount: $50.00.

Note: Themes for our 2015-2016 meetings, as suggested in previous minutes: 

  • Child Care
  • Climate Change
  • Economic, Class, and Race Relations.

Reminders: The TIAR mailing address is PO Box 25245, Rochester, NY 14625. The new (current) TIAR web site is www.tiar.org. All are welcome to attend:

  • the next Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday November 3, 2015, 8:30 AM, at the Golden Fox Restaurant, located on Culver Road across the street from Covenant United Methodist Church.
  • the Board Meeting on November 20, 2015, 4:00 PM at the Covenant United Methodist Church (Culver at Parsells).

Respectfully submitted:
M. Gratia L’Esperance, RSM