TIAR November 19, 2015

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

November 19, 2015
Held at Covenant United Methodist Church
Board Meeting

Attending: R.Herman, M.Morich, D.Bird, A.Cason, B.Swan, N.Jaschik, J.Noronha, B.Elwell, M.Howden, E.Johnson, P.Peters, C.Garman,  H.Parreño, W.Wilkinson, G.Wethers, E.Lemon and G.L’Esperance ; Guest-  Mira Washington- President of State Church Women United   

1. Opening Reflection-    By A.Cason.   

2. Roc/ACTS (Rochester Alliance of Communities Transforming Society, Inc.)-  Detailed presentation by W.Wilkinson Motion by G.Wethers; seconded by H.Parreño to  join Roc/Acts with our annual dues of $300.  Approved unanimously.  

3. REACH-  P.Peters reported.  Motion by R.Herman; seconded by E.Johnson to contribute $500 since this is a one time emergency for the homeless.  Approved unanimously.

4. Gun Violence Forum- N.Jaschik reported.  There will be a film 1/19/16 at the Little Theatre.

5. Poverty- M.Morich reported on her experience at a poverty simulation.

6. Human Rights Day- 12/10/15 Topic: Food Justice-  Motion by H.Parreño; seconded by M.Morich to cosponsor and contribute $50.  Approved unanimously.

7. Syrian Refugees- Motion by R.Herman; seconded by M.Howden for President Elwell to write Senator Schumer opposing his position unreasonably restricting immigration by Syrian refugees and writing Governor Cuomo and Mayor Warren praising their positions.  Approved unanimously.

8. Membership-  M.Morich reported on what has been done.  She requested that each board member send her ideas to obtain new TIAR members.