TIAR January 15, 2015

Board Meeting
January 15, 2015
Held at Covenant United Methodist Church

Attending: D. Barnes, D. Bird, A. Cason, B. Elwell, C. Garman, P. Goodman, M. Hickey, M. Howden, N. Jaschik, G. L'Esperance, M. Morich, G. Mott, H. Parreño, G. Payne, P. Peters, W. Spilly, G. Strother, B. Swan, G. Wethers, D. White, M. Wienk
Guest Presenters from MetroJustice: Jon Greenbaum and Tracy Farmer

1. Opening Reflection: Read by M. Howden, from the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
2. Minutes: Approved unanimously.
3. Presentation: (see below).
4. Organization Business:
- Treasurer’s Report: D. Bird distributed the financial report. Even though there is somewhat of a “cushion,” after discussion it was pointed out that if we plan a forum, that money may be needed.
- Wage letter: copies addressed to the Acting Commissioner of the State Department of Labor were distributed in support of the campaign for a $15 minimum wage.
- NYS Single-Payer packets requesting support for Assembly Bill 5389 and Senate Bill 2078: were distributed including the following letters for members to mail:
 Thank-you letter to Assembly Members Gantt and Bronson who have co-sponsored the Assembly bill (for those persons who are in their respective districts).
 Letter to remaining Assembly Members who have not co-sponsored, asking them to do so. If you are NOT represented by Gantt or Bronson, please send this letter.
 Letter to your Senator asking for co-sponsorship of the Senate bill.
 Letter to the Governor requesting support for passage of the New York State Single-Payer Health Plan. Also:
Chart listing addresses of all local lawmakers. If you do not know who your legislators are, go to http://www.nysenate.gov/ and http://assembly.state.ny.us/. The home pages help you find your Senator and Assembly Member.
Please print your name and sign the letters, giving your address and zip. That way staff people opening your letters can verify that you are a resident of the district and state.
4. Organization Business (continued):
- M. Hickey distributed flyers from the N Y Disability Voters Network.
- G. Mott reported on the temporary two-week housing provided by Downtown Presbyterian Church for those who are homeless. All is proceeding in an orderly fashion. Sr. Grace has been working with Ken Glazer of Buckingham Properties to get his Canal Street building ready. Volunteer drivers are needed mornings at 7:30 to take people to Asbury Church or St. Joseph’s House of Hospitality.
5. MetroJustice Presentation
Jon Greenbaum and Tracy Farmer began with a sharing exercise in which we stood in two lines facing one another and shared for one minute each about our first experience of racism. Then one line moved down and the exercise continued with a different partner and question.
This gave us a chance to share our feelings and experiences and hear them from others, hoping for a greater understanding of white privilege. Also expressed was in the general discussion was the hope that the Board of TIAR could become more of a community.
Topics included the term “cultural humility:” whites often lack awareness and don’t have to think about this; understanding racism as both individually internalized and systemic: institutions working together with culture and media, creating interconnections (e.g., among banks, housing, courts, education) that structure policies and programs that maintain white privilege.
6. Announcements:
- The League of Women Voters of New York City will offer advocacy training by Bolder Advocacy – let B. Elwell know if you are interested.
- Pachamama Alliance: B. Elwell met with Joyce Herman and others to plan another seminar for Wednesday, March 18 at 2 pm at the Hickey Center.
7. Reminders:
- Mailing Address: The TIAR mailing address is PO Box 25245, Rochester, NY 14625.
- All members are welcome to any meeting:
- Executive Committee meeting: Tuesday, February 3, 2015, at the Golden Fox Restaurant, located on Culver Road across the street from Covenant United Methodist Church.
- TIAR Board meeting: February 19, 2015 at 4 PM at Covenant United Methodist Church, (Culver at Parsells)
- TIAR Annual Celebration: Sunday, June 14, 2015 at 3:00 PM at the Shults Center at Nazareth College. Our speaker will be James Lawrence, former opinion editor of the Democrat & Chronicle; topic to be determined. All members are encouraged to attend and bring a friend.
(end of these minutes)