TIAR October 20, 2016

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

Board Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2016

Attending: D.Barnes, D.Bird, B.Elwell, C.Garman, M.Howden,  R.Herman, N.Jaschik, E.Johnson, G.L’Esperance, M.Morich, P.Peters, G.Strother, and G.Wethers.

1. Opening Reflection-    By M.Morich.   

2. Minutes:  Motion by C.Garman; seconded by D.Barnes to approve the minutes of the May 19, 2016 meeting. Approved. One abstention. Motion by M.Morich; seconded by M.Howden. to approve the minutes of the September 15, 2016 meeting. Approved.  One abstention.

3.  Treasurer report-  D.Bird reported that the treasury balance was $$2,294.82.

4. Membership - M.Morich reported.  Roster: 128 members.  It was determined that the annual membership billing will occur in January of each year starting with January 2017 rather than in November.

5. Planning for the forthcoming year- A task force of:  E.Johnson, B.Elwell, G.Strother and H.Parreño was appointed to analyze as quickly as possible the three priorities determined at the Retreat/Workshop:  Racism, Gun Violence and Poverty to provide a basis for a discussion at the November 17, 2016 Board Meeting.

6. Interfaith Teachings- Beginning with the November Board meeting our Reflections will include the presenter’s concept of social justice as found in the presenter’s faith tradition.

7. ROCACTS dinner on November 17, 2016- will honor our own Sr. Gratia L’Esperance.

8. RCRGL- N.Jaschjk reported.  The coalition was expanding and in a process of reforming.  A current goal is a Monroe County law for safe gun storage.

9. Homeless Needs- P.Peters reported. Reach Home has ended.  House of Mercy’s new shelter will not be ready until January 2017. Reach Advocacy is in formation to try to provide shelter in the interim