TIAR November 17, 2016

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

November 17, 2016
Board Meeting  Minutes

Attending: D.Barnes, D.Bird, B.Elwell, P.Goodman, R.Herman, N.Jaschik, E.Johnson, J.Noronha, H.Parreño, P.Peters, G.Strother, B.Swan, and G.Wethers.  

1. Opening Reflection-  By E.Johnson.   

2. Minutes:  Motion by E.Johnson; seconded by D.Barnes to approve the minutes of the October 20, 2016  board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  

3.  Treasurer reported-  D.Bird reported that the treasury balance was $2,322.55 as of 11/17/16.

4. Nominating Committee-  H.Parreño reported: The committee is at work and in process.

5. Annual Meeting Committee-  Members of committee are at this point B.Elwell, R.Herman, G.Wethers, E.Johnson and H.Parreño.

6. ROCACTS dinner on November 17, 2016-  Our own Sr. Gratia L’Esperance was honored.

8. Homelessness-  The task force for Homelessness is scheduled to meet with Ryan Acuff on 12/2/16 to learn as much as possible for us to determine a useful role for TIAR.  It has been suggested for as many as possible of us to read the book “Evicted.”