TIAR December 15, 2016

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

December 15, 2016
Board Meeting  Minutes

Attending: D.Bird, A.Cason, B.Elwell, R.Herman, M.Howden, N.Jaschik, E.Johnson, H.Parreño, and P.Peters.  Guest: Ryan Acuff

1. Opening Reflection-    By H.Parreño.   

2. Minutes:  Motion by P.Peters; seconded by A.Cason to approve the minutes of the November 17, 2016 board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  

3.  Treasurer reported-  D.Bird reported that the treasury balance was $2,372.22 (including a contribution by Elizabeth Osta received today), as of 11/17/16.

4. Cosponsoring Event with Pachamama Alliance-  Motion by A.Cason; seconded by H.Parreño to endorse the decision of the Executive Committee to cosponsor, accompanied by a $50 contribution, the January 20,2017 event, “Inaugurating Hope” which will be held at the First Unitarian Church, 220 Winton Rd. South from 7 PM to 9 PM.  Advance reservations are requested because of space limitations.  Approved unanimously.

5. REACH Bridge Home Contribution-  Motion by P.Peters; seconded by H.Parreño to contribute $200.  Approved unanimously.  This request toward funding arose because the new House of Mercy shelter will not be open at the earliest until sometime in January 2017. The $200 will go toward the expenses at the temporary shelter at 10 Ontario St.

6. Fair Elections Practices Committee (FEPC) Expenses-  Motion by P.Peters; seconded by H.Parreño to authorize payment, as previously agreed, of $100 as our share of the 2016 expenses for the FEPC project to The League of Women Voters.  Approved unanimously.

7. Rochester Coalition to Reduce Gun Violence (RCRGV)- N.Jaschik reported  Current focus is on safe gun storage in Monroe County.  Legislation in the county legislature will be needed.

8. Homelessness-  Ryan Acuff, a social worker at the House of Mercy briefed us at length about the current state of homelessness in Rochester, what is being done about it and what projects might be utilized including, but not limited to a new Housing Court, “Just Cause Eviction” legislation and use of the Rochester Community Land Trust.  We explored what roles TIAR might take.