TIAR January 21, 2016


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

January 21, 2016 Board Meeting

Held at Covenant United Methodist Church


Attending: R.Herman, M.Morich, D.Bird, A.Cason, B.Swan, N.Jaschik, J.Noronha, B.Elwell, M.Howden, E.Johnson, P.Peters, C.Garman, G.Wethers, D.Barnes, P.Goodman, M.Hickey, V.Fifield and G.L’Esperance ; Guest- Paul Gongloff

1. Opening Reflection- By N.Jaschik.

2. Minutes: Motion by P.Peters; seconded by C.Garman to approve the minutes of the December 17, 2015 minutes; approved unanimously.

3. Speaker- Virginia Fifield- Topic:”The Invisible Race” - Presentation on the history and treatment of Native Americans.

4. Treasurer’s Report; D.Bird presented the annual financial report and the future budget (both previously distributed by email. Motion by P.Peters; seconded by V.Fifield to accept the financial report; approved unanimously.  Motion by E.Johnson; seconded by A.Cason to accept the future budget; approved unanimously.

5. Speakers for Future Board Meetings - A discussion took place with recommendations.

6. REACH- P.Peters reported- the house is full and they are seeking additional space.

7. RocACTS- B.Elwell reported.

8. Children’s Agenda- E.Johnson reported.

9. Annual Meeting- G.Wethers reported. The committee is likely to recommend amending the bylaws at the June Annual meeting to permit the meeting to be scheduled at times other than in the spring.