TIAR December 21, 2017


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+


December 21, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: D.Bird, R.Codding, B.Elwell,  R.Herman, M.Howden, F.Islam, E.Johnson, M.Morich, H.Parreño, P.Peters, M.Sutton, B.Swan and G.Wethers.   

Guest:  Sue Staropoli

1.     Opening Reflection-    By M.Howden.  


2.     Minutes:  Motion by M.Morich; seconded by B.Swan to approve the minutes of the November 16, 2017  Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  


3.     Treasurer report-  D.Bird  reported that the current treasury balance was $2,799.48.


4.     Membership-  M.Morich reported.  99 paid/honorary members out of roster of 120.  Recommended more active recruiting.


5.     Endorsement of Executive Committee’s decision to donate $100 to Covenant United Methodist Church (UCMC) in appreciation of their allowing us to meet there-  Motion to endorse by R.Codding; seconded by E.Johnson; Approved unanimously.


6.     Request for insurance coverage from CUMC-  B.Elwell will follow up this issue and report back.


7.     “Healing the Great Divide”-  Motion by P.Peters; seconded by M.Morich to be a co-sponsor of this  Pachamama event on 1/20/18 at 2-5 PM at Greece Baptist Church.  Approved unanimously.


8.     $50 Contribution to the event set out in paragraph 7 above - Motion by E.Johnson; seconded by B.Swan.  Approved unanimously.


9.     Nominating Committee Report-  H.Parrreño reported.  Committee met earlier on 12/21/17 and will next meet 1/18/18 at 3 PM.  Each Board member is requested to suggest potential board members who will be active attendees  and participants in the work of the Board.  Submit names to H.Parreño.


10.   Annual Meeting Committee- H.Parreño reported.  Shults Center not available.  JCC for $120 for 3 hours has been obtained for 5/6/18 3 to 5 PM annual meeting.  G.Wethers obtained backup of room we used last year at Nazareth.


11. Gun Violence- B.Elwell reported.  The Rochester Coalition is having a quilt program as an additional means to draw attention to the problems.


12.       “Project Drawdown”-  Sue Straropoli described this Pachama Alliance project ( 1/4,11,18 and 21/2018 )  which addresses carbon reduction problems and solutions.  For more information see  www.drawdown.org.