TIAR March 15, 2018


+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+

March 15, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: R.Codding, B.Elwell, R.Davis, C.Garman, R.Herman, M.Howden, F.Islam, N.Jaschik, T.Javed, E.Johnson, M.Morich, H.Parreño, P.Peters, G.Strother B.Swan, and G.Wethers,.   Guests:  Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, Gary Pudup and Char Guess Bardques

1.     Opening Reflection-    By P.Peters.  

2.     Minutes:  Motion by B.Elwell; seconded by T.Javed to approve the minutes of the February 15, 2018  Board meeting.  Approved unanimously.  

 3.    Membership-  M.Morich reported.  53 paid returns out of possible 109 members.

 4.    Annual Meeting Committee- H.Parreño reported.   A dinner will occur following the meeting.  Presenter and panelists will be guests; others will pay for selves.  Place and details to follow.

5.     Budget report deferred.

6.     Poor Peoples Campaign-  Motion for TIAR to join by R.Codding; seconded by H Parreño.  Approved unanimously.

7.     Gun Violence and Gun Control- Ernest Flagler-Mitchell, a Monroe County Legislator spoke to these issues which were also addressed by Gary Pudup (New Yorkers Against Gun Violence).  Motion by B.Swan; seconded by E.Johnson for TIAR to support and encourage attendance on 3/24/18 at St. Mary’s Square the youth organized anti-gun violence event.  Approved unanimously.  Motion by N.Jaschik; seconded by B.Elwell for TIAR to support the need for safe storage legislation.  Approved unanimously.  Motion by R.Codding; seconded by E.Johnson for TIAR to endorse the proposal of the Interdisciplinary Group on Preventing School and Community Violence proposal as presented at the web site https://curry.virginia.edu/prevent-gun-violence . Approved unanimously.

8.     Support for Stable Housing- P.Peters encouraged each of us to support this NYS Assembly bill.