TIAR, February 21, 2019


February 21, 2019

Board Meeting


ATTENDANCE: D. Byrd, R. Codding, R. Davis, B. Elwell, C. Garman, M. Howden, E. Johnson, G. Lawton, M. Morich, P. Peters, W. Spilly, and G.Wethers.

GUESTS:  Betty Hancock, Nina Goodwin


SPEAKER:  Betty Hancock Lead Organizer of ROC ACTS spoke about her organization. The Criminal Justice Task Force is working on the adoption of a Police Accountability Board in Rochester and the elimination of solitary confinement in prison.  The Poverty-Jobs Task Force is working on housing issues. The Education Task Force has surveyed parents regarding school needs.  Bullying, transportation and nutrition were top issues.  There is also a Faith Leaders Caucus. There was a discussion following Betty’s presentation.

REACH:  Peter reported that REACH has received a $50,000 award as a result of submitting the idea of building tiny homes for the homeless. The plan is to build a tiny house on a block of land on St. Paul St. in collaboration with Youth Build.  REACH is now known as REACH Advocacy Inc.

POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY ALLIANCE:  A forum to be held on February 25 at 6:00 PM.

POOR PEOPLES’ CAMPAIGN:  A Free Day of Action in Albany on February 27.

GREENLIGHT:  Lobbying in Albany on March 12.

ENVIRONMENT: Interfaith Impact of NYS will present Dr.Sandra Steingraber on March 17 at Asbury First United Methodist Church.  The topic will be “God’s Own Junkyard”.  Richard may attend a Citizens Climate Lobby Conference on March 29.