TIAR May 15, 2014

+People of Faith Working Together For Justice in Public Policy+ 
May 15, 2014
Held at Covenant United Methodist Church
Board Meeting
Attending: D.White, R.Herman, M.Wienk, M.Morich, E.Lemon, G.L'Esperance,
D.Rice, A.Cason, D.Bird, B.Elwell, H.Ibrahim, B.Swan, E.Johnson, G.Wethers,
N.Jaschik and Peggy Meeker ; Guests-

1. Opening Reflection- By D.White.

2. Minutes- Motion by P.Meeker; seconded by B.Elwell to approve the April
24, 2014 Board minutes. Approved unanimously.

3. Nominating Committee Report- Motion by A.Cason; seconded by
D.Barnes to accept the report of the Nominating Committee. Approved

4. Annual Meeting Committee Report- B.Elwell and M.Wienk reported.
Deadline for dinner following the meeting is June 4.2014 via B.Elwell.

5. Faith in Action/GRCC Annual Dinner- Event is June 10, 2014.
Reservations via B.Elwell.

6. Systematic Poverty- R.Herman presented. A discussion followed. We
agreed to further explore the possibilities. R.Herman will serve as a convener. A
number of board members volunteered to participate in the process.

7. Archive Update- by D.White. Currently the University of Rochester will be
holding our hard copy archive documents. Anyone who has copies of the
following documents can bring them to David. D.White will temporarily hold the
additional TIAR related documents at St. John Fisher College until the U of R is
ready to receive them.

8. Rebutal to portion of the presentation by Bruce Pollack at the April 24,
2014 Board Meeting- by D.White. D.White presented some information contrary
to some of the opinion statements made by Bruce Pollack concerning a program
at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church similar to B.Pollock’s program. E.Johnson
volunteered to follow up with Bruce Pollock.

9. Affordable Care Act- D.Rice distributed an article on this subject by Paul

10. Mailing Address- Reminder: The TIAR mailing address is PO Box 25245,
Rochester, NY 14625.

The next Executive Committee meeting will be Tuesday June 3, 2014
at 830 AM at the Golden Fox Restaurant, located on Culver Road across the
street from Covenant United Methodist Church. 
The next Board meeting will be in September 2014 at 4 PM at Covenant
United Methodist Church, (Culver at Parsells). 
The TIAR Annual Meeting will be Sunday, June 8, 2014 at 3:00 PM at the
Shults Center at Nazareth College
( the end of these minutes)